MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle
MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle
MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle
MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle
MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle
MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle

MONTAGNE "Adore" scented candle

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MONTAGNE scented candle, 210g

Type: woody, aromatic
black pepper, cardamom, clove, eucalyptus
patchouli, Gaiac wood, cedar wood, artemisia

sandalwood, oakmoss, vetiver, white musk

Scent origin: France

Color:Porcelain green

Wax: natural rapeseed

Burning time: ~ 50 h

Porcelain green MONTAGNE - a subtle installation of mountain green and natural tones into a modern interior. The composition intertwines notes of fragrant spices, patchouli, wood, moss and musk. The type of scent is more masculine, reminiscent of a walk in a mountainous damp forest covered with old trees and green moss. The smell of

MONTAGNE creates harmony in the environment, stimulates creativity, encourages to overcome new challenges. It is an accessory for eco-friendly homes, modern lofts or studios.

MONTAGNE is a gift for a person called by nature. This scent is enjoyed by those who find it important to escape, at least for a short time, from the hustle and bustle of city life to a natural refuge. This bouquet of aromas is designed for a matured, time-tested personality.

After lighting the candle in the container, it is recommended to burn it for 3-4 hours, then allow it to cool down before lighting it again.

JIf the entire surface of the candle has not been warmed up and melted before the candle is inflated, the candle will burn down in a “tunnel” each time it is lit, leaving no burnt edges.

PURE FLAME - the first rapeseed wax candles made in Lithuania.

Candle selection can be SUSTAINABLE. All PURE FLAME candles are made from natural rapeseed (canola) wax. Rapeseed wax is a sustainable, innovative, new generation natural vegetable raw material used in candle production. Rapeseed (canola) wax candles provide all of the following benefits:

SUSTAINABLE CHOICE. By choosing rapeseed wax instead of soy wax, you are helping to preserve the Amazon forests.

A RENEWABLE SOURCE FROM NATURE. Rapeseed wax is produced from natural material growned in European farms.

EXTREMELY STRONG odor spreading. Rapeseed wax has the strongest odor absorption and diffusion properties compared to any other natural wax alternatives, also it emits an intense aroma both when cold and warm.

LONGER BURNING TIME. Rapeseed wax has a longer burning time than other types of natural vegetable waxes.

NO HARMFUL SUBSTANCES. Burning rapseseed (canola) wax does not emit any harmful substances.

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Luxury scents inspired by nature

Scents created in a French fragrance house with a long history.

PURE FLAME - Use only an environmentally friendly fragrance base.