Our family business is producing handmade candles since 1994. An interest to look for a greener alternative for candle making lead to start working with innovative and most sustainable material - rapeseed (canola) wax. Besides its sustainability rapeseed (canola) wax is highly valued for its properties of intensely dispersing aromas in both cold and warm conditions, this was the reason we found beautiful cooperation with French fragrance houses. All these efforts and creativity is embodied by charismatic PURE FLAME brand collections: DELUXE, ADORE, DU VIN, NAKED.

Four collections. Why?

As PURE FLAME story started from rapeseed (canola) wax and rapeseed plant has a blossom which is four-leaved - it was primary inspiration to create four collections. Four collections also represent different needs of different people - everyone can find what is the most appealing to their own needs and lifestyle. All four collections are totally different by their characters but at the same time creates one beautiful universe.