"Adore" LE LUX DE VERSAILLES namų kvapas 100ml
"Adore" LE LUX DE VERSAILLES namų kvapas 100ml
"Adore" LE LUX DE VERSAILLES namų kvapas 100ml
"Adore" LE LUX DE VERSAILLES namų kvapas 100ml

"Adore" LE LUX DE VERSAILLES namų kvapas 100ml

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LE LUX DE VERSAILLES namų kvapas, 100ml

Kvapo tipas: rytietiškas, medienos (oriental, woody)

smilkalai (incense), mira (mira)
gaiac mediena (gaiac wood), pačiulis (patchouli)

muskusas (musk), mediena (wood)

Kvapo kilmė: Prancūzija

Spalva: pilka sidabro - Ice Palace

Lazdelės: natūralaus ratano

Aliejinis pagrindas, todėl 100ml talpa kvepės 6 mėn. ir ilgiau! 

Ypatingos prabangos aromatas. Prancūziško château dvelksmas - smilkalai, mira iš šiltos medienos natos apgaubtos saldžiu ištaigingumu.

LE LUX DE VERSAILLES - kompozicija išskirtinio ir prašmatnaus interjero aplinkai. Asmenybei mėgstančiai karališką prabangą.

Šalto sidabro Ice Palace indo atspalvis kalba apie "ledinį" nepriekaištingą įvaizdį, priverčiantį žavėtis akimirksniu.

A 100 ml diffuser will spread the aroma from 6 to 12 months, depending on how many sticks you will use and how often you turn them over.

The intensity of the aroma released by the perfume depends on how many sticks you put in at one time. The more sticks, the stronger the intensity of the aroma.

It is recommended to invert the perfume sticks at least once every 2 weeks. The inversion of the sticks ensures uninterrupted aroma distribution and intensifies the aroma spread.

When using oil based home perfumes, it is necessary to replace the sticks with new ones every 2 - 3 months to ensure maximum aroma spread. Prolonged use of the same sticks will clog their gutters and prevent them from spreading the aroma properly.

100 ml home diffuser is recommended for indoor use up to 30 sq.m, max to 50 sq.m. It is recommended to use fewer sticks in smaller rooms and several diffusers of the same size or larger one for larger spaces.

PURE FLAME - experience the power of luxury scents.

The creation of fragrance compositions has been entrusted to experienced olfactory world masters - French perfumers. Home perfume creates the identity and atmosphere of home. Perfume has an incredible power to change and create a person's emotional state - to inspire, create peace or stimulate activity, to move into pleasant memories of the past or to move into wonderful visions of the future and infuse passions to pursue them.



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Luxury scents inspired by nature

Created in a French fragrance house with a long history. 

PURE FLAME - uses only an environmentally friendly fragrance base for your home diffusers